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Our tech-driven immigration product, Travooly, helps people reach their fullest immigration potential. This is done through our portfolio of services that include Study Visa, Permanent Resident Pathway, Work Permits, Visitor Visas, LMIA, PNP, etc. Connect with a licensed consultant today.

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Schooliply exists to make international schooling easy and accessible to students around the world. With a team of vibrant study abroad enthusiasts and immense study abroad resources, international students around the world can apply to study abroad with one click.

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CareerDev is our career development product that seeks to provide job placement services, evaluate skillsets, assess career needs, provide step by step guidance and position individuals to become competitive candidates in the job market worldwide.

About Us

We are a people based technology company with a focus on immigration, international schooling and career development. We provide exceptional services to people seeking to migrate, students interested in studying outside their countries and those seeking to grow their careers. All these we do through our network of consultants, partner universities and career specialists. We use tech-driven solutions to offer simplified, affordable and convenient options to help every one of our clients navigate these various ecosystems more seamlessly and become game changers in their differet sectors.

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Our Team

Our brilliant and diverse team work together for one purpose—to unlock the potential of each immigrant or student. We approach work with vibrancy proferring solutions which have a strategic impact on your needs.

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Tunde Omotoye


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Tolulope Ibiyode


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Olayinka Adebayo


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Vineet Dubey

Business Partnership Lead

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Isaac Nwachukwu

Visual Designer

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Ayo Al

Communication Lead

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Pranika Mahajan

User Generated Content Creator

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Martha Adegoke

Study Abroad Specialist

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Seun Adeleke

Financial Analyst

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Elizabeth Odusanya

Communications assistant

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Anino Ejeye

User Generated Content Creator

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Dawn Kene-Okafor

Study Admissions Specialist

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Mariam Otobo

Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

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